About Digital Printing

Digital printing of photos

Digital printing of photos has miraculously revolutionized with good perfection and efficacy. For a long time photo printing has been an intricate and slow process, till digital printing made it simple as it should be.


Printing with digital printer


Digital Printing – digitalization of the information

As with any electronic processes, digital printing involves digitalization of the information and storing it in some storage devices like a camera or a computer and then moving this information to a publishing devices like a printer for printing.

This digital method is very efficient as it only takes a few seconds to produce a digital printout, contrary to the lithographic procedure which was a far more complicated and time-consuming. The digital prints’ quality is high.

The digital prints’ quality is high.


Quality of Digital Prints

The prints are always flawless and clear. Depending on the camera ‘s megapixel of the photographs, the prints may be accessible in a wide variety ranging from as small as 2″/3″ to as large as 44″/120″. Each photo that is digital made up of various colored dots and they are called pixels. The bigger the pixel of a camera, the higher will probably be the

Each digital photo is made up of various colored dots and they are called pixels. The bigger the pixel of a camera, the higher the quality of this photo. The pixel also determines how big the picture can be printed.

If the pixel is low, the photo becomes blurred when printed with high pixels. Digital images can either be taken on glossy printing papers or on matte ones. These two types of paper render different finishing effect.



Digital Printing – Glossy vs Matte

Digital printing can produce glossier appearance which appears shinier, vibrant and brighter. On the other side, a matte finish having

On the other side, a matte finish creates a dull effect and less bright effect. However,  under very bright light, the reflected light from the glossy photos can blind the viewer and make it difficult for him to see the picture.

Matte finished photos are free of this issue. Unlike the matte finish, the glossy papers attract dust and fingerprints making it easily dirty.


Different type of printouts

The purpose of your photographs determines the kind of paper used and the printout size. Digital photos can serve an assortment of category ranging from

Digital photos can serve an assortment of category ranging from conventional photosmagazine photos to large banners and posters.

Nowadays, almost everyone is working with electronic photo printing. It has made publishing and printing so simple. The advantages and success have created a remarkable appeal.

Digital printing has steadily replaced lithography. It offers a new revolution to photography, publishing, and printing. Printing is now a quick and simple process everyone can participate in!

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