10 WORST Digital Art MISTAKES! 💀[Digital Painting Tips]

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Learn about 10 common mistakes made by digital artists and discover easy solutions to correct them. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these tips from Corel Painter Master Aaron Rutten will show you how to get better at digital art.

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13 thoughts on “10 WORST Digital Art MISTAKES! 💀[Digital Painting Tips]

  1. This was super helpful I just got my drawing tablet working today so I'm glad I knew these things going into digital art

  2. oh man, I have been learning how to digitally draw on a little free app on my galaxy tab and it's clear I have to transition to an actual drawing program. the amount of tools they have would be so much easier than the little techniques I've had to learn to do certain things.

  3. Even though I've been doing digital art for a while know it was very informative! Thank you very much!

  4. Eu nunca me senti tão grata quanto to agora pela pessoa que legendou isso em português. Obrigada, senhor anônimo, por contribuir pra minha preguiça de traduzir tudo mentalmente ♡

  5. Drawing in the wrong layer and realizing it 30 minutes later is the worst feeling in the world and no one will convince me otherwise

  6. I suck at art, but I enjoy art. I haven't made anything really and these tips are great. Before I got a paint software, I used "paint" a lot just to mess around in. I never actually made anything, just scribed. When I got something like "Gimp" or "Paint.net", the whole layer thing confused me. If I want to attempt making something, I'll try using them, but I always forget and then I'm stuck.Shifting the color hue is something I never knew is good, the I didn't know about configuring the Wacom tablet. Overall, everything in this video I didn't know about, besides layers now that I think about it.

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