[Hindi] What is 3D printing and how does it work ??| 3D scanner​ ? | Explained in datail |

Hello friends, In this video i have told about " 3d printing " and 3d scanner. 3d printing - the action or process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a material in succession. What Discover A Lot More

2PCS Dx7 Heads for Billboards Flex Banner Printing Machine 2 5m Eco Solvent Printer in USA

website:http://www.niceprinter.com/ With the export business development, for the beginning only developed XARR128 head printers, to the current we have been succeeded in making and selling various type of high resolution printhead printers, such Discover A Lot More

Dika large format printer with 2 Xaar 1201 printheads-newest launch-2m

Dika large format printers: More stable. The newest printers: Dika-AK2.1(Debut at July 22, 2016) Printhead: 2 pcs of Xaar 1201 heads Resolution: 1200dpi or 2.5 pl Inks: Eco-solvent ink, solvent ink Max width: 2m 4pass: 70㎡/h Contact: Louis Chan(louis@dikaprinter.com, Discover A Lot More

Digital Negative Making – Photo Process Workshop at George Eastman House

No longer limit yourself to just analog or just digital photography. This hands-on workshop will help you to harness the precision of digital imaging to produce negatives with your inkjet printer for a variety of your favorite historic and alternative Discover A Lot More