Top selling print varnish and white ink A2 WER D4880UV flatbed tabletop uv printer

Website: Email: About Us: Set up in 2009, WER has become one of the most reliable manufacturers of digital products in China. At present, WER concentrates to develop, manufacture and market digital Discover A Lot More

NiP printing on the Ricoh Pro C751 EX distributed in the Philippines by Heidelberg

Digital Wars See Copylandia's Develop, Norde's HP Indigo, and Heidelberg's Ricoh face off at Print & Label 2012! We test drove three machines at the show on October 10, running the maiden issue of NiP. Guess which machine ran NiP the best? The Develop Discover A Lot More

DIY Heat Transfers on Colored Shirts – 2 Year Durability Update & Photo Gallery 1080P HD

This is a follow up to the original DIY Jet Pro Sof Stretch Heat Transfer video I created 2 years ago. Since that time I have used both Jet Pro and UniTranz transfers. I have included a photo gallery of 2+ year old Jet Pro tshirts to show the wear Discover A Lot More