3Dponics Seminar at Inside 3D Printing/ 3D Print Design Show NYC – April 2015

Here’s the official, full-length 3Dponics seminar at Inside 3D Printing in NYC, which took place April 16-17, 2015. See 3Dponics & join their growing urban farming community: https://www.3dponics.com.

We were so pleased to do this seminar at Meckler Media’s Inside 3D Printing New York and discuss the 3Dponics drip hydroponics system, the non-circulating hydroponics system and the new 3Dponics Mini, among related applications!

Key topics Charlie, our Comms Director, covers:

1) What’s our vision? What’s the point of 3Dponics? To create the most efficient indoor gardening system for people BY people. Everything we’ve done and plan to do with 3Dponics is centered on open-source. We believe in innovation through collaboration. The way we’ll achieve the best, most efficient 3D-printable hydroponics system is by connecting users–getting them talking to each other and providing them with the resources they need to better the system. So join the conversation–the community: https://www.3dponics.com/community/.

2) Who benefits? We see 3Dponics as most useful inside schools. As time goes on, more classrooms will have 3D printers and will need practical, hands-on projects to work on.

3) What else? Customization is key. We’ve created a customization app for anyone to use. You don’t need a background in 3D design or any CAD skills, all you need is the 3Dponics Customizer. Download it (for free) and modify original digital files for 3Dponics parts. More on the customization app: https://www.3dponics.com/software/3dponics-customizer/.

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