Documenting history — life & reproductive rights | Christopher Englese | TEDxJerseyCity

Weaved with personal stories that influence his political and artistic endeavors, ‘Documenting History: Life and Reproductive Rights Through a Lens’ discusses the power of documentary filmmaking and social activism on public policy affecting Discover A Lot More

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (2015): Satanic Nuclear Bomb NYC Float Subliminal

This video is from Jonathan Kleck channel and belongs to Jonathan Kleck. I added pictures of Kanye West and his NYC "Yeezus" concert to the video. West was stationed on the Float that appeared to show a nuclear bomb devastating New York City. US Discover A Lot More

Midtown Manhattan Holiday Night Tour (feat. Times Square, 34th St., & 5th Ave.)

This video begins along I-495, the Long Island Expressway, in Long Island City, Queens, NY with a view of the Manhattan skyline and descends onto the streets of Midtown at night during the holidays via the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. Along the bustling Discover A Lot More