CMYK Separations for Process Printing in Photoshop

How to make halftone color separations for four color process printing in Adobe Photoshop

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19 thoughts on “CMYK Separations for Process Printing in Photoshop

  1. What if my photoshop doesn't give me the option of splitting channels even though its in CMYK mode.?

  2. When I converted to grayscale , then select Color range I am getting a message " no pixels were selected" what to to further?

  3. I can't even split the channels to begin with… The option is not available no matter what I do. And yes I'm working on CMYK color mode. Can anyone help me? 🙁

  4. Very helpful video. Once i forgot how to do this and came up with a solution to make the process a bit faster. Maybe someone finds this useful. Instead of painting every plate as a separate layer with color overlay you can paste each of 4 patterns to a corresponding CMYK channel. That way your'e pasting in just a black patterns and if done right photoshop composites everything automatically.

  5. hi sir im learning ryt now ur video, and im done next is to print it, can you show it too? im sorry this is my first time and thank you if u can make a video how to print this thanks a lot u really help me

  6. mt photoshop doesn't have a choice to change to cymk mode and the things ain't coming up on the right side

  7. I'm getting stuck at splitting the channels. For some reason that command is greyed out in the dropdown menu??? Help!

  8. I'm also having trouble deleting the white. I tried double clicking but it just brings up a layer style box where I hit ok(which doesn't seem to do anything). When I select color range it says no pixels selected. what am I missing?

  9. As far as the LPI and the Angles go it is best  For T shirts to output the art on films at 40 LPI x Zero Degrees on all colors. There will be NO moire.

  10. When I apply the bitmap mode, my image breaks… like it gets cut into pieces and those pieces are randomly arranged! It's pretty weird!

  11. what a lifesaver you are sir, got a test for a new job tomorrow and i was getting really nervous because of my lack of color separation experience thx a bunch!

  12. If my screen printer wants it in a vector format like in ai, eps, how would I save each color into vector or to import them in illustrator or corel?

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