Digipor : EPS digital printing line 3/4 How to set


Is an innovation system for decoration of polystyrene packaging with new digital concept .Thanks to our experience in a digital printing system and automation and the big experience in production of polyester material of our OEM partner ,so our know how in this type of application is very high. A new philosophy in a polystyrene packaging decoration for give more visibility and more value to your business ; infact the visibility of brand is one of the most important voice in a marketing investment and in this direction we can drive you! Our research department invest more than one year for development this type of application and create a special ibrid inks in partnership with a chemical industry dedicate to polystyrene with high capacity of saturation , brilliant ,wash resistant and water contact and most of all with an new atossic formulation to water base pigment and legant agents, thanks to this we are able to print directly on polystyrene whit high quality and speed and whit infinity possibility of imagines to print!

We are in patent for this application that is a new in a world, like concept of movement of the materials and like the type of applications whit more than 20 differents code inside .digipor is a new possibility on the polysterene expanded packaging box for give more value to it and also for increase the turn over of productions . Digipor is a concept application with a digital printer inside and special software –rip for create your job and for line control. Thanks to digipor-rip we can control all the functions of line in easy way for work 24 h day.
Digipor can be made in 3 different configurations : DIGIPOR EASY, DIGIPOR 1, DIGIPOR 2 for have a full total range of possibility. More important date is the productions that is possible to do ,infact digipor can be print 10 packaging in 60/80 seconds (+/-)in automatic way .

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