Ed Ruscha “Me and The” Graphicstudio fore-edge book

This video describes the process used at USF Graphicstudio for creating Ed Ruscha’s ME and THE, a fore-edge book, with printing that appears when the gilt edge is fanned one way or another. Fore-edge printing was popular in the 18th century but rarely used today; Graphicstudio research encompasses the recapture and revitalization of such technology. The pages of the book are blank, perhaps a commentary on the meanings we would ascribe, or fail to ascribe, to such seemingly simple words.

When the book pages are fanned in one direction the text Me appears. When the book pages are fanned in the opposite direction the text The appears.

ME and THE, 2002
Cloth covered book with one-color fore-edge printing and gold leaf edges.
Text by the artist
Closed book: 5 1/4″H x 7 1/2″W x 2 1/8″D
Edition 230


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