ExOne Sand Printing Process

This video demonstrates ExOne’s digital part materialization (3D printing) process for printing sand casting molds and cores, beginning with a digital file, going through solidification analysis, printing and finally casting a finished industrial part.

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9 thoughts on “ExOne Sand Printing Process

  1. Love the process video, but the breakout however shows a failed casting above the logo where the mold was incompletely filled! Also, lots of flashing at parting lines, which you did not show cleaning up!

  2. I wonder what kind of sand and activator is used and what kind of quick drying resin is or can be used on a  home project.. I have the system projected and partialy built , from the heads to deposit the resin, the dumpster to lay down the sand layers up to all the mechanical structural parts and electronics/software..  If anyone can help me with this information I will receive it gladly since I have not much experience with chemistry … Thank You

  3. I was wondering the same thing. this cant be like good ol' green sand. i figure once the resin is set it has to be bonded hard as a rock.

    On a side note that guys should really be wearing a mask, even though he is at a down draft table.

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