Fine Art Acrylic Photo Printing & Stud Mounting Installation (Updated 2015)

What makes this image unique is that we printed it on the back of an acrylic sheet, then printed white over it. Flushing the image with white makes the colors particularly vibrant, clear, and layered, while the acrylic face give a wet, deep, glass-framed look to the piece.

This 1/4″ acrylic piece was installed using 1/2″ stud mounts, so that the graphic sits off the wall. The hardware give a sleek modern impression while the floating mount adds dimension and drama.

This sign is 4’x6′ and retails for 0.

Reverse-printed Acrylic (I) We can print directly onto rigid substrates for truly customizable color. Duplicate company colors or patterns. We print on the back of clear acrylic, which gives these letters a deep, glassy look while protecting the color from damage.

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