InTouch Viper2 DTG Printer Webinar 2015

DTG Printer Webinar – The Viper2 Direct to Garment Printer from ColDesi ( is the latest generation of custom t-shirt printing machines from DTG Digital.

The Viper2 is a completely new design that maintains all the best features of the DTG Printer product line, and adds to them!

This a complete recording of a live online demonstration of the Viper2 direct to garment machine recorded at ColDesi, Inc on April 16th, 2015. During this presentation you’ll see a demonstration of the Viper2 printing a large design on a dark cotton t-shirt using a white ink underbase as well as it printing on 2 white t-shirts at the same time. This unique ability of the DTG product line to print on multiple garments at one time is a real, money-making feature.

Using the 4-2-1 platen system demonstrated, you can print on:

– 1 garment an incredibly large image of up to 24” X 16”
– 2 standard sized shirts/images with up to 16” x 11” design or
– 4 smaller images/shirts at just over 11” x 7” each.

That means the you can print name drops, for example, setting up your job for up to 4 shirts, then go be productive while those print. This is a real contrast to other direct to garment printers that would make you stand and wait while each image printed, remove the single shirt, then load the next, then wait again!

The Viper2 is also the first cartridge based system produced by the DTG Printer brand. The advantage to the all new cartridge system is that you get a much quieter machine, making it more suitable for home office, mall kiosk, etc. AND it’s a cleaner system to run. No bulk ink bottles with the potential for spills.

Convenience is definitely another aspect of the Viper2 DTG Printer that sets in apart. It is the only current model of direct to garment printer that will fit easily through a standard doorway! At just over 31” wide, you can fit it through any bedroom or office door. Coupled with the cartridge based DTG ink delivery system, the Viper2 is also perfect for taking on the road.

If you are looking for a portable t-shirt printing machine, this is by far your best option. Easily fits in the back of a standard SUV.
Training and technical support are always free when you purchase equipment from ColDesi!

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2 thoughts on “InTouch Viper2 DTG Printer Webinar 2015

  1. A couple of questions please.
    1/ Can you pretreat your Stock of Shirts ahead of time ?
    2/ When I am setting up my Images for Printing do I need to lasso the actual image ?
    3/ Is there a Video detailing Image setup for Printing ?
    4/ The Cartridge System seems restrictive and expensive compare to Bottles

  2. how is this compared to the Easy T Printer? I heard a lot of negative things about the Easy T Printer.

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