Make Money with 3D Printing! – 2015

3D Printing can be a fantastic hobby so why not earn some cash while you’re at it?

In this video I discuss some easy methods to sell digital and 3D Printed objects online, as well as using 3D Printing as the basis of potentially lucrative crowd-funded projects. Enjoy!

Places to sell 3D Printable Files:

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17 thoughts on “Make Money with 3D Printing! – 2015

  1. 4:28 Is there any other way to share my ideas to the world?Let say some "Ideas-department" or…"Inventions department", or… "Creative department" ?Not talking about "Patent dept",  but something else…?

  2. im 16 and im starting college in architectural engineering or mechanical engineering. I have a 3d printer and have done a few school projects with it. I really want to get into the professional field of 3d printing. any suggestions on how to start?

  3. have had 3d printer for a week have over 10 people asking me to print stuff for them and offering money. it's not hard if you do word of mouth local stuff were not many people own one. have already printer clips and replacement brackets for simple stuff. can't wait to get into making custom bobble heads with led effects.

  4. I have some quostions i dont own a 3d printer(yet).
    I really want to make my own prints and sell them.
    Im planing to buy the TEVO Tarantula I3 Aluminium with some upgrades.
    could it print good enough quality for things to sell if so want kind of prints is it good enough.
    thanks foy your help. 🙂

  5. Hey there. Awesome video! I know this is an old Video, but i do have a question… A lot of people dont have the financial abilities to hire a 3D-Printing bureau for minor things or buy their own 3D Printer. So could you make money with some kind of Budget-3D-printing bureau? Like, you could sell the 3D-Printed parts a lot cheaper than a big 3D printing bureau could. I mean, you dont need a 30'000$ printer to print custom key-caps or to replace a broken part on a household item. Would that even be worth it or just a waste of Money? A Prusa I3 mk2 isnt the most expensive printer out there and its very cost-effective aswell. Most people would LOVE to have a 3D printer to print their own stuff but either cant buy one or just dont think its worth it. What do you think of my idea? And no i dont care if others read this. Im quite certain that lots of people allready had this idea

  6. 3d printing hundreds of finished products is a waste of time and money. It's better to 3d print one perfect prototype, make a mold, and then use resin to cast in the mold. This way your production goes up and you free up your 3d printers for other projects.

  7. how to make money with 3d printing:
    1. make a short list of 3d printers' specs
    2. sell it for 10$ to the mentally challenged
    3. ????
    4. profit

  8. @2:31 you say "…and the original designer gets a cut." In truth Hasbro gets a cut, what they do with that cut is up to them. In many cases the original artist gets paid once for his time, it's called "work for hire" and it's now how all but the very top name designers get paid. Disney has lobbied hard to extend their contracts and protections while at the same time reduce what the artist is getting paid. Corporations create nothing but they get the lion's share of the money.

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