Manipal makes producing 1 billion custom government IDs look easy | Manipal made producing 1 billion custom government IDs look easy, thanks to HP Indigo

“With the flexibility of HP presses, we could easily adapt to different languages and designs, while reliably handling a high volume of material.”
— Gautham Pai, Managing director, Manipal Technologies

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Manipal Technologies needed a secure method to print approximately 1 billion high-quality, customized IDs for a ground-breaking government program in India.

The company turned to the HP Indigo 3500 Digital Press and the HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press to quickly and securely print color ID documents with the best possible quality.

Manipal successfully produced 34 million unique government ID documents in the first 3 months of operation.
The print quality of the HP Indigo digital presses made it possible to reproduce photos accurately.
The company was able to produce a huge volume of documents each day without interruption thanks to the reliability of HP Indigo digital presses.

Learn more about the HP Indigo Digital Press technology used by Manipal here:

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