Much Needed Affirmation NO Shrinkage: NO Fear (Episode #1)

‚ú®Introducing‚ú® Much Needed Affirmation: The Series, featuring meee, Isha Gaines, the founding editor of HoneyBeNatural Magazine out of Dallas, TX. In building our YouTube presence, I wanted to offer something useful and fun to add to things we will be publishing this year! In this series, Much Needed Affirmation, I will be sharing my personal business tips and will be empowering you in your personal journeys to becoming a better you! With this series, you’ll definitely be able to see more of personality, learn more about the magazine and you’ll be able to get advice on things that may be holding you back! I’m excited and ready to meet you!

BTW: If you can’t wait for the entire video to play, I’ve listed the times of the key things I’ll be mentioning in this episode below. Although I’d like for you to watch the whole thing & twerk with me at the RATCHET FIRST STEP PARTY (Fast Forward to 6:03 secs), I understand that you’re busy… so to make it easy for you, I’ve listed the important times in the video for your personal and fast forwarding references 😊😁.

WHO WE ARE: (0:30secs to 1:35secs)
Video Explained: (1:35secs)
Step #1: Say It Out Loud (2:50secs)
Step #2: Set a Launch Date (Personal or Public) (3:40secs)
Step #3: Make the List (4:35secs)
Step #4: First Step (5:55secs)
Step #5: Bring YOUR Idea To Life (8:04secs)

Now Let’s get into this video. Episode #1: NO SHRINKAGE: Making fear work for you!

HoneyBeNatural is a print & digital magazine inspiring you to rise, create and love your natural self through empowering media and photography! Connect with us!

IG: @honeybenaturalmag
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Editor: @IshaGainesPhoto


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