NY Cold Weather caused Water Pipe Froze & Pipe Broke in Jackson Heights

In 37 Ave 73rd Street of Jackson Heights, Building No. 22 has faced a serious problem because of Freezing Weather. Water become frozen in Water Pipe and caused Pipe Break. Water was flowing with heavy pressure and flooded many Shops & Offices. One electronic shop named Simon Electronics got most Damages and most of the products are damaged. The water was falling from the roof of that shop! Also Weekly Probash office, SCI Office, Digital Printing office were flooded. One cloth store also got big damages! Some offices were closed and flooded with that water. It was almost 6″ to 8″ Flood in 1st Floor!!! But in ground floor, it was 3″-5″. FDNY said, they’re not sure about the reason of this accident. But the pipe condition shows that it because of Cold Weather and Not Running the central Heating System of that Building.

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