Self Publish A Book – The Process of Book Printing

Learn how to self publish a book without using expensive publishing houses. View the entire process of digital book printing on demand for self publishers that choose to print royalty free.

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11 thoughts on “Self Publish A Book – The Process of Book Printing

  1. Yes, I am well aware of the changes in publishing, and the day will go to those who consistently provide the very best of services!
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  2. hey look i don know what your book is but ill read it. Like your passion of heart and soul. hook me up.

  3. I have written a book I thought that would be the hardest part Trying to get it read & published has been even harder How does anyone ever get published You put your heart & soul into writting a book and there it sits words on a page for no one but you to read !

  4. 1.Contact your local library about how to get your book on their shelves.
    2. Read Writer's Digest Magazine
    3.Read and apply the information contained in Guerrilla Marketing
    4.See Writer's Market [the library will likely have a copy]

  5. i may go with your publishing company because PublishAmerica doesn't seem interested in helping their Authors and they overprice my books.

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