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Small Flatbed Printer In India with Dual Parallel Epson Head 1.5 PL(CMYK LC LM + W + V) Two UV Lamp One Especially For Varnish.
Suction For Extra Spray Ink In Printing. Suction For Extra Ink Across The Bed To Keep Machine Clean. Fixed Cap top System To Ensure Perfect Ink Suction. While Ink circulation system. Ink Spray on left side to keep machine clean. Adjustable Front Pannel And Vaccum Bed. All New Ink Tank System six color with extra while and varnish

Some Features of this XIS 2335-S Flatbed Printing Machine.

1. Smart function of printing white base and color images together.

2. Modern design, easy operation & convenient maintenance.

3. Advance Ink Tank system with electronic level sensors

4. Equipped with white ink shaking motors.

5 Print Head Protection with automatic height sensor.

6. Automatic head cleaning function prevents print head clogging.

7. Suitable for printing Ceramic Tiles, Corporate gifts, Sun Boards, leather and personalized gift items.

8.Can print on Leather, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Metal, Ceramic Tiles, PVC, Acrylic, Mug, Cup, Glass and Jeans Patches etc.

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