Starting a T Shirt Business | Full Webinar Recording

Starting a T Shirt Business

How to start a t shirt business, custom t shirt business or promotional products company is common dream among entrepreneurs. Until recently creating full color digital graphics and applying them to blank t shirts for sale led you to 3 choices:

1. Go the Industrial Route with Screen Printing and get into the silk screening t shirt business. This required a LOT of space to do more than a few simple colors, is still a messy and time consuming process. Screen printers spend a LOT of time talking their customers into reducing the number of colors on their graphics AND charging a set up fee.

2. Direct to Garment Printing – for between ,000 and ,000 you can do really beautiful prints, but only on cotton or almost 100% cotton garments. – no polyester, no performance wear, not under armour and have to do regular maintenance.

3. Vinyl Cutter – an inexpensive way to start, but you could spend upwards of 20 minutes per shirt if your design is complicated AND you’ll never do full color – it’s one or 2 at a time.

With the invention of the Digital HeatFX system, those options have changed – and added the best one into the mix.

As you’ll see from this live-recorded webinar, this system includes a special white toner printer, color led, that uses a toner system instead of messy and expensive inks to create a t shirt transfer. That full color digital t shirt transfer is then heat pressed onto almost anything. including:

Cotton tees, polyester, neoprene, koozies, coolers, wood, bags, canvas, pants, jackets, nylon… and probably whatever YOU are going to try.

And it does that for 1/2 the price of Direct to garment printing – with NONE of the weeding you need to do with vinyl cutters and with out ANY mess like with screen printing. It’s also perfect for a home office OR a business because there’s no mess.

Watch the webinar recording, then visit to learn more.

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