Fine Art Acrylic Photo Printing & Stud Mounting Installation (Updated 2015) What makes this image unique is that we printed it on the back of an acrylic sheet, then printed white over it. Flushing the image with white makes the colors particularly vibrant, clear, and Discover A Lot More

3Dponics Seminar at Inside 3D Printing/ 3D Print Design Show NYC – April 2015

Here's the official, full-length 3Dponics seminar at Inside 3D Printing in NYC, which took place April 16-17, 2015. See 3Dponics & join their growing urban farming community: We were so pleased to do this seminar at Meckler Discover A Lot More

The Augmented and Virtual Reality Show – Sydney JULY 2015, Roger Lawrence keynote

0:00 - 1:55 Ric Holland - Director of Marketing and Digital Agency Solutions OFFIS (sponsors) intro to #skunkmonk #security #cloud 1:56 - 3:21 Gordon Carr Gregg - Operations Manager Telstra Muru-D (sponsors) 3:22 - 31:15 Roger Lawrence - Chief Discover A Lot More