Fine Art Acrylic Photo Printing & Stud Mounting Installation (Updated 2015) What makes this image unique is that we printed it on the back of an acrylic sheet, then printed white over it. Flushing the image with white makes the colors particularly vibrant, clear, and Discover A Lot More

Applying A Digital Printed Die Cut Decal – Installation tips – – Orange County, CA

VINYL APPLICATION TIPS Think of your vinyl lettering sheet in 3D ... Your vinyl arrives as a pre-spaced sheet of letters made up of three layers ... (1) the top layer - or transfer tape (through which you can see the letters) (2) the middle layer Discover A Lot More

Duggal Services: Fujifilm Inca Q406i Onset Press – First Commercial Installation Worldwide

In the tradition of providing the highest quality service and products to their customers, Duggal Visual Solutions, headquartered in New York City, is proud to announce the first installation of the revolutionary Inca Onset Q406i UV digital press. Discover A Lot More