The Lost Photos of Jimi, Janis and The Greats, at Baboo Gallery, NYC, April 10th

Meet award-winning photojournalist Jim Cummins on April 10th at the Baboo Gallery (37 West 20th Street, New York City) debut of the first-ever exhibit of the photos “Jimi, Janis and The Greats.”

Baboo Gallery will be showing recently unearthed and restored photos of ’60s and ’70s music legends taken by award-winning photojournalist Jim Cummins. Many of Jim’s photographs of these music legends were seen as the covers of over 900 albums, many of which went Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, but the negatives have been buried away for over four decades, preventing these stunning photos from being seen after the albums went out of circulation.

Join us at this exhibit and walk into a visual time capsule that recreates a nostalgic era. 30×40 Chromogenic prints of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Miles Davis, and Ray Charles capture, vividly, some of the most important moments in music history.

Crowd around Janis Joplin as she sings on the Ed Sullivan Show, with an innocence that only Jim was able to capture. Stand right alongside Jimi Hendrix as he records one of his biggest hits at the famed Record Plant Studio. Join the audience and dance to Ray Charles across the stage, as a stunning triple-exposure of Ray at the piano conveys the high-voltage energy of Ray Charles in performance. Stare eye to eye with Miles Davis, as he tips his hat to the present artist.

Come celebrate a legendary photographer and a genre that has remained alive through the spirit captured on film – 6PM to 9 PM on Thursday, April 10th at Baboo Gallery, 37 West 20th Street, NYC.

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