Weekly Inspiration #235: 13 Devils Workshop Business Cards

http://PaperSpecsGallery.com calls attention to 13 Devils Workshop Business Cards.

“The design is complex and intricate, which can be hard to pull off, but when it works it’s bound to impress.” – Foxtrot Studio

Simple arithmetic suggests that if the “devil is in the details,” you’re in for quite a lot of details indeed from the business cards for Poland’s 13 Devils. They make everything from custom domino sets to replica video-game weapons, and their cards are as detailed as their creations.

Designed by Warsaw’s Foxtrot Studios, these beauties were printed on Gruppo Cordenons Plike 122 lb. Cover (with its rose-petal feel) and then tri-plexed together – a white inner layer sandwiched between two black ones – giving it a nice skunk-stripe edge.

Yet the real star here is the combination of highly-detailed foil stamping, embossing and gold highlights, which really give this business card extra depth. The white seals on front and back are the (vanilla) icing on the cake.

Between the card’s unexpected thickness and finger-teasing emboss, you can’t help but equate it with the substantial pieces that 13 Devils produces every day in their workshop. In a society in which people spend copious amounts of time absorbed by digital effluvia, it is print pieces like this one that remind us there is a real world out there to grasp firmly between our fingertips.

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